#WeAreAllWindrush: Support the Windrush generation in one of these statement T-shirts

One of the #WeAreAllWindrush T-shirts, designed by Cressida Djambov

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush, a now momentous event which changed the course of British society and culture in a remarkable way.

It is deeply upsetting that it is a scandal relating to the citizenship rights of the Windrush generation that is occupying the news and overshadowing what should be a joyous time of celebration – recognising the immense contribution of those who were among the first mass migration of people from the Caribbean to Britain.

Those on board the ship were pioneers who had made sacrifices and left the place they knew as home to embark on a journey to the ‘mother country’ to help it re-build itself following the war. Their input was invaluable; vital. From a practical point of view their presence was essential, not least for keeping the NHS running, but what those first passengers brought with them was far more than manpower alone. Their generation shaped modern Britain in a significant way – socially, politically and in terms of culture.

It is all of this that makes the current Windrush scandal all the more insulting and saddening.

Fortunately there are lots of people and organisations working hard to reverse some of the harm that has been caused and to ensure those people affected get the justice they deserve. The #WeAreAllWindrush campaign is an example of the work being done to both protect and honour the Windrush generation.

With a range of beautifully designed T-shirts, from which all profits will be donated to the Windrush Justice Fund, it is a simple but effective way to raise awareness and show solidarity. Designed by Cressida Djambov, the collection for men, women and children, features different designs and colours.

By purchasing one of the T-shirts you will look good whilst making an important statement and, as the website says, show that you are ‘standing up for the kind of society we believe in – one that is inclusive, diverse and celebrates all who are part of it.’

The affordable T-shirts are quality and ethical garments, made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory.

So what are you waiting for?! Get yours today at weareallwindrush.teemill.com

For further information on ways that you can support Windrush generation click here.

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