BUFF City Season launches at the 2017 Aesthetica Short Film Festival

From left to right: RM Moses, director of "Signs of Silence", Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe, director of BUFF and Elijah Baker, winner of best emerging male at the BUFF Awards 2017 for his role in Signs of Silence

The British Urban Film Festival is to ​host 2 screenings at the BAFTA recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York this November.

It will be the first time that BUFF screens films at the BAFTA qualifying event in York which, this year, has extended its' schedule from 4 days to 5. BUFF will be screening 6 short films from its' archive on Thursday the 9th and Saturday the 11th of November.

It's the 3rd time in 4 years that BUFF has been invited by ASFF to participate in its' festival having previously taken part in its' Meet The Film Festivals marketplace.

The films to be screened are "Leroy" (directed by Marley Morrison), "Signs of Silence" (directed by Remi Moses), "We Love Moses" (directed by Dionne Edwards), "The Tinder Problem" (directed by Krystine Atti), "When Kids Grow Up" (directed by Shahaub Roudbari) and "Lifeline" (directed by Sam Jones).

4 of the 6 films were nominated for a BUFF Award in 2017 with Signs of Silence picking up a best male emerging talent award for lead actor Elijah Baker.

BUFF CEO, Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe said: "We feel very privileged to be attending the Aesthetica Short Film Festival with the most important people in our business - the filmmakers. Without ​partnering with film organisations that share our ​vision, BUFF cannot continue doing what it does and i'm grateful to Cherie Federico and her team in York for making it possible for us to provide this ​platform to our filmmakers for the very first time".

BUFF will once again be part of the Meet The Film Festivals marketplace in York on Friday 10 November with patrons including Lateef Lovejoy in attendance.

More information on the Aesthetica Short Film Festival including how to book events can be found at www.asff.co.uk

Click HERE to view the BUFF City Season Aesthetica trailer.