Why Londoners love Uber in five songs

Following the tragic news that Uber may we withdrawn from the streets of London we thought we’d pick our top five songs which reference the much-loved app. The very fact that so many artists are mentioning Uber in their songs is testimony to the colossal success of the chauffeur service app which has revolutionised travel in the capital city.

IAMDDB – Shade

If you don’t know, get to know! No, seriously. Sliding it in a number one on our list, this soulful Manchester-raised artist is a star in the making. The 21-year old engages with a beat differently, effortlessly switching between singing and rapping creating a vibe and sound that you can’t help but get down with. In ‘Shade’ IAMDDB sings ‘Uber Uber everywhere, yeah / Take my bitch everywhere / We be gettin' money everywhere, yeah.’ Referencing what for so many of us has become a way of life; jumping in an Uber to get from A to B, IAMDDB also acknowledges the physical freedom facilitated by our favourite lifestyle app. If you want to go to the other side of London at 4am on a whim, you can with Uber. This ease of travel with limited planning, time or effort spent on the app user’s part, which makes it easier to venture to new and further afield places, is exactly what will be so sorely missed if Uber is indeed taken away from the city.

Not3s – Addison Lee

Woah woah, wrong cab company! Although the song title and most of the song does promote Addison Lee, Not3s also shouts out Uber and actually suggests it is his preferred choice: ‘Yeah I could've got an Uber / It might've been there sooner / It might've been way cheaper / But the price ain't too much / I got blocked off my Uber girl / It could've been way sooner girl / But no worries when my Addison Lee and when we rolling out You can share the back seat with me.’ Should Uber actually be taken away from Londoners following the appeal process, although admittedly not quite the same, perhaps in Addison Lee Not3s has found our solution as the next best thing.

Stormzy – Cold

Having a car of your own isn’t always as good as it sounds now is it? What with insurance prices, the cost of petrol and the inevitable fines you pick up along the way… enter Uber. For those who don’t own a car but want the comfort of a personal vehicle rather, Uber is the perfect solution. In the words of Stormzy:

'I baited my whip in the vid like a prick / Now I'm carless / Now it's a Uber ting, I've still got this regardless.'

Let’s face it, when you’ve had a long night and it’s got to the point where you just want your bed a long night bus or night tube (if you even live near one of the lines that operates 24 hours) journey is just not what you need. Once again, Uber is the perfect alternative for those willing to pay more to ensure they got home quickly and – more importantly – safely.

Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y - Uber Driver

Then there’s those times when you’re simply too drunk to drive.

“Riding down the street, I hit the switch if I'm too drunk / Call an Uber for the night […] too gone off this Veuve to manoeuvre, I might have to call a Uber / Get me through the, traffic, a lighter and a cool ass driver."

LiTek and Tom Sanetti – Uber

It’s simple really. ‘She don't wanna ride round in a black cab / She wanna get picked up in a Uber.’ We don’t want to (and can’t really afford to) take black cabs either, we want Uber.

If you haven’t already signed the petition to save Uber in London, click here to do so.