Mother left bleeding after being attacked by Uber driver

Paramedic Taleka White, 27, was left bloodied after a violent attack by her Uber driver

Taleka White, 27, was out for a good time with her friends on Saturday night but her night soon became unforgettable for all the wrong reasons after a terrifying attack launched against the mother and paramedic by the Uber driver dropping her and her friend home.

The violent attack on Ms White allegedly came after an argument escalated following the driver missing the turning to her friend’s house, which was an arranged drop-off. The young mum’s friend was dropped off but then as the sole passenger the driver reportedly turned on her with a tirade of verbal, racial and physical abuse.

According to Ms White the attack against her began with the driver accusing her friend of having given him the wrong directions and then calling her a “stupid black c***.”

Ms White remained in the car and says she sat in the back crying and afraid of what the driver was going to do.

It was when Ms White arrived outside her destination, her mother’s home in Addiscombe, that the driver reportedly became physically violent, opening her door and dragging her from the car as she tried to gather her belognings.

“I started wailing and he punched me in my face,” said Ms White. “I put my hands up and was screaming to get my mum’s attention and he punched me again […] I went flying down the road and landed on my face. He ran into his car and drove off.”

Ms White's bloody hand following the attack

The very reason that people use Uber and other such services is because they want to get home safely and have an enjoyable, hassle-free journey and so this attack will leave many questioning Uber’s driver recruitment and vetting procedures.

Ms White, who ended up bloodied in A&E, has called for the driver to be fired.

This attack comes soon after the BBC’s Frances Barber reported that she was verbally abused by an Uber driver. Barber had entered the cab following an awards ceremony, wearing a full-length ensemble, when her driver made sexist remarks. Following the incident Barber tweeted: ‘I get Uber out of Old Vic & driver says as a woman I shouldn’t be alone at night & I am disgustingly dressed. THIS IS LONDON.’ Responding to the attack on Ms White, an Uber spokesperson said: “Violence and discrimination of any kind is unacceptable and is not tolerated by Uber […] We're investigating. We cannot comment on individual cases, but it’s our policy to suspend partners after serious incidents while we investigate.”