Tragedy as 23-year-old woman killed doing bungee-jump on holiday

23-year-old Kleyo De Abreu was pronounced dead yesterday in Granada, Spain

23-year-old Brixton resident Kleyo De Abreu identified as victim of tragic bungee-jump death in Granada, Spain, yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, at approximately 2.45pm, the Spanish police force responded to reports that a young woman was dead following a failed bungee-jump from the Tablate bridge near Lanjarón, Granada.

Miss De Abreu, who was in Spain for a holiday and to visit family, had already performed the jump once that day before she took the jump that ended her life.

It is believed that Miss De Abreu died after hitting a smaller Roman bridge that stands below the Tablate bridge.

A popular spot for those who enjoy extreme sports, questions are now being asked as to why Miss Abreu was allowed to jump in area where such a risk existed and if there was possibly a miscalculation regarding the length of her rope.

“The activity is offered by an extreme sports company that is duly registered and authorised to offer these sports,” said a spokesperson for the Guardia Civil (Spanish police authorities).

The young woman’s aunt watched on helplessly as her niece plunged to her death during what was meant to be a fun activity.

Miss De Abreu, who had been raised in Cape Town, was a graduate from Cape Peninsula University of Technology and had only recently to her hometown of London.

The young woman’s father, Bernard Atwell, 49, had only recently been reunited with his daughter and has expressed his deep sadness at her sudden, unexpected death.

Describing his daughter as “sweet, caring, bubbly and focused,” Mr Atwell said: “My daughter is gone and nothing is going to bring her back, but I have spoken to the family and we are all on the same page – we don’t want something like this to happen again. […] Every father will say this but she was very special, she was a very beautiful young woman who had all her life ahead of her.”

Bernard Atwell, 49, with his daughter Kleyo

Now the victim’s family are looking for answers, determined to understand how Kleyo’s death came about and to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring again.

“She was 23 years old but to me she will always be my little baby and I would very much like to make sure this doesn’t happen again to anybody else,” said Mr Atwell.

"I need to know exactly what happened. I need to know every second of what happened. […] I need to get down to the bottom of it and I know that the whole of our family are not going to rest until we do."