Greater Manchester Police arguing against tribunal finding of racial discrimination against an offic

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DC Paul Bailey claims to have been the victim of racial discrimination

Last month Detective Constable Paul Bailey, a black police officer and the chair of the Black and Asian Police Association, took Greater Manchester Police to court charging the public body with racial discrimination after his seniors failed to investigate complaints of racism that he had made. The employment tribunal ruled in favour of Mr Bailey and found GMP guilty of ‘direct discrimination’ towards DC Bailey.

DC Bailey who was subjected to victimisation within the force following his complaints, including having his police car and various job-related benefits withdrawn, last month announced: “I feel vindicated by this decision. Getting to this ruling has taken a heavy toll on my health. I have spent the past weeks and months battling to expose the victimisation and discrimination I have suffered. But I look forward to this matter being concluded soon so I can put it behind me.”

Whilst last month Deputy Chief Constable Ian Hopkins released a statement accepting the tribunal’s findings and admitting that ‘our failure […] amounted to direct discrimination and victimisation,’ this month DC Bailey discovered that the GMP force has launched an appeal against that very decision. Responding to this development, DC Bailey said: “I believe that it is both immoral and unethical to say one thing and do exactly the opposite. […] I have no trust or confidence in the police whatsoever.”

The case has sparked fresh discussion regarding the institutional racism that is known to exist within Britain’s police forces. DC Bailey is of the opinion that the battle he is currently undergoing with the GMP will only further worsen the reputation of the police as an institutionally racist organisation. “I cannot imagine why anyone from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background would even consider joining the police after seeing what has happened to me in this case,” said Mr Bailey.