Grandmother from Hackney chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Parliament

Pauline Pearce.jpg
Pauline Pearce with Mayor of London Boris Johnson

A 48-year-old grandmother from Hackney, known as the ‘Hackney Heroine’ following her brave confrontation of a group youth burning a car during the 2011 London riots was caught on camera, has now been chosen by the Liberal Democrats to represent them in Parliament.

Pauline Pearce has confirmed that she will be fighting for Hitchin and Harpenden, a safe Tory seat. In a statement Ms Pearce said: "I would like to announce officially that I am the selected PPC candidate for Hitchin and Harpenden.” She continued, “Thank you to all the members who attended tonight, for their kind and very warm reception. I look forward to working with you all."

Ms Pearce’s relationship with the Liberal Democrats has been a troubled one in the past, with her claiming that she had experienced prejudice from members of the party. “[S]ince my running for president I have realised this party really is not quite what I thought it was when it comes to diversity and being inclusive,” explained Ms Pearce.

Last August Ms Pearce withdrew from the race to be the Lib Dem’s president after accusing the Party of “underhand racism” and ''Neanderthal views on diversity'. Ms Pearce said that she refused to be “the token person who sits and smiles in the background," there simply to give a false impression of diversity and inclusivity.

Differences now apparently being cast aside Ms Pearce has new challenges to face if she is to succeed in her bid to become an MP. The seat is she fighting for has been held by the Conservative Party’s Peter Lilley since 1997, who currently has a very strong majority.

Ms Pearce acknowledges the challenge ahead and has called on her family and friends to support her. In a statement she said: "To my friends and family who encouraged me to keep going and have always got my back I love you all, but it's only just begun because I need your help now to knock some doors and help me on the campaign".