David Cameron expresses his support in achieving justice for British man killed in Jamaica

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Keith Murrain, 54, was killed in a brutal attack in Kingston, Jamaica

In June 2014 Keith Murrain, a businessman from Birmingham, was found dead shortly after arriving in Kingston, Jamaica, on a business trip.

Mr Murrain, who travelled to the island three times a year to monitor and assist his tractor export business, was kidnapped from a hire car soon after landing at Norman Manley Airport, Kingston, on Friday 27 June.

Less than 24 hours later the 54-year-old’s body was found dumped in a grave near Spanish Town; his throat was slit.

Mr Murrain, a father of three children, was much loved. Over 4,000 people attended his funeral held in August at The New Testament Church of God in Lozells.

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Ever since that day in June Mr Murrain’s family have been desperately seeking answers and justice for their loved one, whose killer is yet to be caught or brought to justice.

Now, eight months later, David Cameron has expressed his willingness to assist the family in their search for justice for Mr Murrain. In a letter addressed to Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, who has been helping further the family’s cause, Mr Cameron wrote: “At this exceptionally difficult time, I want to reassure Mrs Murrain that the British Government is working hard to achieve justice for her son.” He continued, “Hugo Swire MP, the Foreign Office minister responsible for consular cases in Jamaica, will be writing to them to make clear how important making progress in this case is. […] Officials at the National Crime Agency in Jamaica are in close contact with the Jamaican Police Force and will also continue to impress upon them the importance we place on the investigation into Mr Murrain’s death.”

The British prime minister’s letter perhaps comes later than the Murrain family would have liked. In August 2014 Desmond Jaddoo, a Birmingham community activist who has been closely supporting the family, criticised the fact that “a letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron requesting assistance, despite being acknowledged remains unanswered at present.”

Mr Murrain’s family have repeatedly vocalised their dissatisfaction with the way that Jamaican police have gone about investigating the murder and have now appealed to the West Midlands police to assist the investigation by identifying possible UK links to the brutal attack.

Desmond Jaddoo, who is playing a vital role in the family’s justice campaign, has urged the British state to do more to help further the case. Mr Jaddoo stated: “It is now time to make enquiries in the UK. He was a British national.” He added, “The family require justice and closure and the only way that can happen is a full investigation on both sides of the water.”

Mr Jaddoo has written a letter to West Midlands Police detailing their necessary involvement in the murder enquiry. The letter reads: “Recently the Murrain family have advised me that there have been rumours that the murder has a UK link. […] This has recently been compounded by the fact that they have received messages to this effect from Jamaica also. […] Having discussed this with Mrs Josephine Murrain, the family are requesting that West Midlands Police investigate the ever developing issue that this could have been a conspiracy started in the UK.”

Keith Murrain’s brother recently said: “I think the way this has been treated in Jamaica is disrespectful to the people of England. […] It’s as if they want to sweep it under the carpet, but I will fight to my last breath to stop that happening.”