Nubian Skin: The lingerie and hosiery brand redefining ‘nude’ as we know it

Nubian Skin creates beautiful undergarments for women of colour

Non-white women across the UK are familiar with the struggle of trying to find ‘nude’ tights and underwear to match their skin-tone.

‘Nude’ in its common usage has come to mean a pinkish-beige colour resembling the fair complexion of white people – with so-called nude tights, shoes, nail varnish etc. nearly always catering solely for the skin of white women. A simple Google search of the word ‘nude’ confirms the way that the definition of 'nude' has been completely perverted to refer to 'pinkish-beige' colour (i.e. the colour of white people's skin).

Nude nail polish.jpg

By denying women of colour ‘nude’ garments, accessories and other products, many larger, popular brands send out a harmful message – that darker skin tones are abnormal; that darker skin tones are undesirable; that darker skin tones are not worthy of beautiful shoes etc. to match their colour.

Enter Nubian Skin, the brand filling the major void in the market for skin-coloured hosiery and lingerie for women of colour and allowing them to feel beautiful and sexy in nude underwear.

In October 2014 30-year-old Ade Hassan, frustrated by not being able to find skin-coloured tights for her skin tone, decided to create Nubian Skin as a means of solving the issue for herself and the millions of women of colour who face the same struggle.

As Ms Hassan put it: “When you want to put on the perfect outfit - you’ve got this amazing dress and the most fabulous shoes - but your only option for tights is black, it completely ruins it. You’ve got this picture in your head of how you want to look but the products just aren’t available.” She continued, “It’s incredibly frustrating - Nubian Skin was born out of that frustration.”

Nubian Skin aims ‘to alleviate the struggle many women face trying to find natural-tone undergarments’ and ‘to encourage women of all ethnicities to feel included, appreciated and most of all sexy, in lingerie especially tailored for them.’

Nubian Skin’s range caters to a range of darker skin tones and is committed to making women of colour feel as beautiful as they look – using gorgeous fabrics and clever designs to achieve an irresistible undergarments. The range, which covers sizes 30B – 36DD bras and S - XL tights, also includes affordable, everyday nude essentials, with prices starting at just £8.00.


The company’s rapid success since launching in October testifies to the fact that products of its kind are desperately needed and haven been absent from the market for far too long.

Currently only available online, Nubian Skin’s founder has expressed her ambitions to have the products stocked in major retailers and department stores in the coming years.

Where in the past – and to a great extent still today – the struggle has been to diversify make-up products, particularly foundation, to match darker skin tones, Nubian Skin carries on the important work to ensure that women of colour feel beautiful and are not denied the products readily available to their white counterparts.

There is some evidence and hope that there is progression within the world of fashion and beauty toward accepting and embracing that beauty is not just white, but there is certainly a long, long way to go. Nubian Skin is providing a crucial step in the right direction.