Man who carried out violent robberies of London taxi drivers sentenced to life

Mark Anthony Brown.jpg
Mark Anthony Brown, 51, has been sentenced to life in prison for a violent string

of attacks on cab drivers in north London

A man from Tottenham has been sentenced to life in prison after carrying out a series of violent attacks on taxi drivers in north London in October.

51-year-old Mark Anthony Brown, of St Ann’s Road, Harringay Gardens, launched a series of attacks on cab drivers in Haringey and Hackney over two weeks last year.

The first attack occurred on Friday October 3 in Amhurst Park, where Mr Brown threatened the driver with a four inch knife before proceeding to punch him in the head, bite him and steal a briefcase from the vehicle. Brown continued his assault on the cab driver even when his victim sounded the horn to attract the attention of passers-by.

Brown’s carried out his next attack the following day, when he took a cab from Bethnal Green Road to Woodbury Grove. Brown warned the driver that he had a knife before demanding his money. A struggle ensued, where Brown punched the man, 31, in the face before making off with £130.

The following weekend, Sunday October 12 , Brown took a cab from an address in N17 to Earls Mead Road, N15. Brown used a £50 note to pay the driver, aware that he would have to open his wallet to find change. At this point Brown grabbed £40 from the driver’s hand and took off.

On Monday October 13 Brown carried out his final attack in Stamford Hill. On this occasion the victim was a 54-year-old cab driver, who had a knife held to his throat and was punched several times in the face. Brown fled the scene with a satnav and approximately £50 in cash. The victim was left seriously injured, with a broken nose and major swelling.

Brown was arrested a week after the attacks, on October 20, after police chased him on foot.

Brown appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday January 16, where he pleaded guilty to four counts of robbery and was handed a life sentence. Brown will serve a minimum of five years in prison.

Detective Constable Matt Mowbray said: “Brown’s actions have had lasting impact on his victims. His repeated attacks left other minicab drivers in the area very fearful for their safety.” Mr Mowbray added, “I can only hope that this lengthy sentence serves to reassure the public now that this dangerous man has been removed from the streets.”