Pregnant Nigerian woman's fraudulent scheme to give birth with the NHS and have her child declared B

Oluwaseun Adenubi, 30, is believed to have used a false identity to give birth to her child

on the NHS, with the hope of having him registered as a British citizen

A pregnant Nigerian woman’s plan to give birth using the National Health Service and then have her child officially declared as a British citizen has been exposed after she was discovered to be a fraud.

Last year Oluwaseun Adenubi, 30, was in the UK after being granted a family visit visa which entitled her to a six month stay in the UK. She used the passport of her friend Rita Ogunkunle, 32, to qualify for free medical attention from the NHS and deliver her baby.

In an elaborate plan to ensure that the new born child would be granted British citizenship, Adenubi got Ms Ogunkule and her boyfriend, Michael Adebambo, 46, to register the baby as theirs after she gave birth.


Rita Ogunkule, 32, and Michael Adebambo, 46 registered

Adenubi's child as their own

The fraudulent scheme was uncovered by staff at Farnborough’s Princess Royal University Hospital, who noticed that the medical records of the real Ms Ogunkunle, who had previously received treatment for acne at the hospital, did not match up to the patient (Adenubi) who was claiming to be her.

The court heard that, “After the baby was born on June 20 staff realised something was not right because Ogunkunle has severe scarring, which the baby's mother did not have and there were two different blood types for the same patient.”

Ms Ogunkule and her boyfriend Michael Adebambo , who registered the child as theirs at Bromley Civic Centre the day after Ms Adenubi gave birth, have now pleaded guilty to providing false information.

Croydon crown court Judge John Tanzer told the court: “The probation service think this is a plot to use the ‘International Health Service’ and then take further advantage — the residency that comes with that and everything else.”

The couple have since fell out with Ms Adenubi after providing conflicting stories of how Adenubi came to be in possession of Ms Ogunkule’s passport. Adenubi says she found Ogunkule’s passport on a bench but Ogunkule, who was arrested in August, insists it was taken from her home and used without her permission when Adenubi was occupying her spare room.

Explaining Ogunkule’s part in the scheme, the prosecutor told the court: “She admitted falsely registering the birth of the baby and said she had been introduced to Adenubi by a friend of her mother’s and took pity on her because she was pregnant and had no friends.”

The case has been heard at Croydon Crown Court and all three are currently released on bail.