Ian Wright has landed himself in trouble after calling Arsenal fans "prize w*****s" on Twitter

Legendary former Arsenal player Ian Wright

Many consider Ian Wright an Arsenal legend but he appears to have landed himself in a spot of bother with the football club after taking to Twitter yesterday and calling Arsenal fans “prize w*****s.”

Initially Wright tweeted that somebody from the club should be sacked for not signing Cesc Fabregas, who has played a key role in securing such a successful start to the season for Chelsea, allegedly could have been bought by Arsenal instead after he left Barcelona.

On Twitter Wright wrote: "For the record the mere fact that Fabregas is at Chelsea when we had first option, don't care who but someone should be sacked."

But it is Wright’s criticism of Arsenal fans that has really caused outrage among many of the club’s supporters. Wright attacked Arsenal fans in a post where he said: “So disappointed with the amount of “prize w*****’s” who are supporting the club I love. Wish I could meet them individually. Would be carnage!”

Wright might just live to regret his words after some fans replied to his message by expressing their willingness to take him up on his offer for a fight. One Twitter user responded: “you deserve a beating and next week i will gladly have a scrap with you at the emirates, not joking, arsenal legend my ass”.

Wright later admitted that his Twitter attack upon fans appeared after he had “had a few” (to drink) but also added that “many a true word spoken in drunken tongue!” suggesting that his comments do reflect how he really feels.