SOAS ACS to hold a public memorial in Russell Square for Michael Brown and Eric Garner

soas we will not forget.jpg

Tomorrow evening the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies’ Afro-Caribbean Society will be holding a memorial service for Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other African-Americans who have been wrongly killed as a result of police brutality in the United States.

The details for the memorial given by SOAS ACS on their Facebook page are as follows: ‘When: Tuesday, 9th December 2014 @ 6PM. Where: SOAS Russell Square Steps Attire: All Black It has been two weeks since Michael Brown's case indictment verdict has been out. Much of the attention the issue has garnered both on a societal level and within the media has drawn negativity to a situation that was truly devastating and unfair. Today's jury decision regarding Eric Garner's death illustrates yet another situation with a similar outcome. We will be holding a vigil as a wakeup call/reminder to our society that Ferguson and New York has not and will not be forgotten. We invite you all to join us in standing in solidarity and in remembrance of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and everyone else who has been affected by police brutality but remained unmentioned and unnamed by the media. BRING A FRIEND & SPREAD THE WORD WE WILL BE LIGHTING CANDLES. There will be a memorial collage spread around where everyone will be welcomed to write a statement which will be photographed and eventually hung up at SOAS and sent to those currently protesting in Ferguson as a sign of solidarity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:’