Police searching for missing mother and newborn baby have found a body

Bevan and boyfriend.jpg
Charlotte Bevan, 30, with her boyfriend Pascal Malbrouck

Police searching for Charlotte Bevan, who vanished from Bristol Maternity Hospital with her new-born baby on Tuesday, have found a body in the Avon Gorge, Bristol.

CCTV from the hospital shows Charlotte Bevan, wearing only hospital slippers, a long top and trousers, leaving the ward with her four-day-old daughter, wrapped only in a blanket, at around 8.30pm on Tuesday 2 December.

Since then police, along with Ms Bevan’s family and friends, have been desperately searching for the mother and child.

It is believed that Bevan was suffering from some mental health problems and had become very sleep deprived, which may have had a negative impact on her mental health. Charlotte’s boyfriend, Pascal Malbrouck, said that she had suffered from schizophrenia and depression but insists that she was happy before she gave birth.

In a highly emotional press conference on Wednesday, Malbrouck begged, “Charlotte, please come back, you're welcome any time. The last two days as a family was amazing and I really want to do that for much longer. I'm waiting for you.”

After Charlotte was discovered to be missing, Malbrouck posted a message on Facebook saying: “My daughter has gone missing with her mum Charlotte Bevan. Please if anyone has got any info or has seen her please contact me.” He ended his message saying that he was “feeling heartbroken.”

Mr Malbrouck left the hospital only shortly before Charlotte and their daughter, Zaani Tiana, disappeared. “I left the hospital at 8.30pm and they say she left between 8.45 and 8.55pm,” said Malbrouck. He added, “Nobody saw anything. They said she went out of this door. She couldn’t have walked far, she went out in flip-flops with a baby in her arms. If somebody had seen something they should have reported it by now, I just don’t know.”

bevan leaving hospital.jpeg

Hospital CCTV showing Ms Bevan leaving the hospital

with her newborn daughter

Friends have described Bevan and her boyfriend as a "happy couple" and claim that her disappearance is completely "out of character."

One friend of the couple, Isaac Jack McCardle, said: “I know her and her partner. This is out of character. Her partner is one of the loveliest guys you’ll ever meet. I’m going out now on my bike to look for her.”

It is yet to be confirmed whether the body that has been discovered is indeed that of Charlotte Bevan.