Man jailed for punching 4-year-old girl so hard her intestines ripped

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Craig Carth, 27, has been sentenced to 13 year in jail

Craig Carth, 27, has been sentenced to 13 years in jail for punching a young girl so hard that he ripped holes into her intestines back in March last year.

A three-week-trial took place at Kingston Crown Court, where the jury decided last month that Carth was guilty of the charges of grievous bodily harm.

The young girl, who cannot be named, was rushed to St. George’s Hospital in Tooting on 26 March in the early hours of the morning, following a call to the emergency services by her mother who had found her vomiting.

The girl underwent surgery for what doctors at the hospital discovered to be two holes ripped open in her intestine.

Medics managed to work out that trauma to the girl’s upper abdomen, which had occurred within the last 48 hours, was most likely the cause of her major injury.

The little girl had to spend days in intensive care after the surgery, where she fought for her life. Thankfully the child has since made a full recovery.

Although Carth was arrested at the time of the incident, along with three other adults, he was not charged until early this year. The other defendants, a man and two women, were found not guilty of causing or allowing the serious harm of a young child.

Detective Sergeant Tariq Farooqi, of Wandsworth child abuse investigation team, said, ““I'm glad that the weight of evidence helped the jury come to a unanimous finding of guilt against Carth.” He added, “This is a substantial sentence and I am pleased that Carth will now be in prison for a significant amount of time.”