25-year-old stabbed to death in Thamesmead

Olamide Feshina.jpg
Music promoter Olamide Feshina, 25, was knifed to death (right)

Yesterday afternoon 25-year-old Olamide Fushina, also known as Ben and Trigger, was stabbed to death in broad daylight after being chased by a group of armed men in south-east London. The young man was reported to have crawled along the pavement of Wolvercote Road, Thamesmead, seeking help before collapsing and dying at the scene.

Witnesses described the victim as having been chased into an alleyway and attacked by five men following a dispute. The attackers then reportedly fled the scene by foot, dispersing in different directions. “Five of them were chasing three other boys. One had a knife about eight or six inches big and a hacksaw,” reported neighbour Ted Knott, who believed the stabbing may have been over a £400 debt.

Another witness said, “He was with his friends and they started having an argument with five other boys. They ran off and he was left crawling and screaming for help.”

One woman, who did not want to be named, recalled the chilling moment Mr Fushina was killed. She watched paramedics attempt life-saving surgery on the young man for over half an hour. “I heard the screams and I saw a group of men running off. I ran to the man who was stabbed and he was lying there and just bleeding and bleeding,” she said.

After a member of the public dialled 999 police and an air ambulance arrived at the scene. Doctors and a paramedic fought for half an hour to save the dying man, performing surgery in the street, but he was pronounced dead at approximately 2.30pm.

Distraught relatives attended the scene before the body was taken away by an ambulance. The victim’s mother cried out, “my son, my boy, they stabbed my boy” and had to be held up by relatives. Other family members collapsed in the street and wailed.

Olamide’s uncle, Samuel, spoke fondly of his nephew, saying, “He was a very respectful boy. I’m so shocked, I wouldn’t have expected this ever. He was only 25.” He added, “Whether they find the people who did it or not he is never going to come back. For his parents who have been around and supported him for 25 years it is devastating. His mum is in bits.”

Olamide, who was a music promoter, had a younger brother and younger sister. His brother wrote on Twitter: “Life is short. Never even got a chance to say I love you to my brother. This really is a lesson that we need to keep our family at heart.”

Others who knew Mr Fushina have expressed the tragedy of yesterday’s events. One friend who grew up with the murdered man described him as a good, friendly man. “He was close mates with everyone. He was one of the best guys around here. He cared for everybody. He was really friendly,” said the friend. He continued, “We just want to know who did this and why they did it. There are lots of wars down here between different estates. We get used to all the fighting. But Trigger was one of the nicest blokes around here. He isn’t one of the ones you know are involved in trouble.”

Mr Fushina’s friend and colleague Idahosa Osagie wrote of his recently deceased friend: “This life. May we live it to the fullest. RIP Triggz.”

A murder investigation has been launched by Scotland Yard but no arrests have been made so far. Any witnesses should contact the police by dialling 101.

Note to victim.jpg

A tribute note to Mr Fushina left at the scene