Surge in support for David Lammy as Labour’s mayoral candidate

david lammy.jpg
Tottenham MP David Lammy has his sights on being London mayor

At the beginning of September MP David Lammy announced his intentions to become a nominee for Labour’s mayoral candidate.

Of the top-three labour candidates hoping to gain the position in 2016, Lammy is currently second according to a YouGov poll, following a surge in support for the Tottenham MP during September.

Mr Lammy, who managed to double his support among Londoners last month, has said that the results are “great news,” but also acknowledged, “There’s a long way to go in the Mayoral race.”

MP Dianne Abbott is currently Lammy’s closest rival in the campaign, the two being neck-and-neck.

Ahead of both Lammy and Abbott is Dame Tessa Jowell, who is currently enjoying a strong seven-point lead and is popular within Labour and generally.