Is it fair that Matalan has been accused of racism over an image of black boys in monkey onesies in

The photo which appeared in the Matalan catalogue

Matalan was accused of racism by some outraged Twitter users last week after it published its latest catalogue which includes a photo of children wearing onesies where both of the black children are wearing a monkey onesie.

Offended members of the public attacked the advert as “rude” and “stupid.” "Black kids in monkey suits. Really? Really?! How stupid," one Twitter user posted. But others have defended Matalan, some arguing that those people who find the image offensive are only revealing their own racial prejudice.

Matalan has responded to the accusations launched against the company by defending their marketing as innocent.

A company spokesperson said, “We regularly work with the two boys and they chose the outfits they wanted to wear, as did all the other children on the shoot. Their parents were with them the whole time and they all really enjoyed the day.”

Somewhat echoing members of the public who have described the entire issue as “political correctness gone mad,” the company spokesperson added that, “It is very sad that some people have turned this into a race issue.”