High-achieving police officer to sue Met for racism

Ricky Haruna.jpg
Ricky Haruna being presented with her 2011 Officer of the Year Award

Former police constable Ricky Haruna, 39, is suing the London Metropolitan Police for racial discrimination following a series of incidents where she describes being victimised because of her race.

As a PC Haruna excelled at her job, having been awarded Officer of the Year Award in 2011 and escorted Kate Middleton.

Haruna cites a complaint about the racism she had suffered as the reason she was fired from the Met Police in June. The Met are being charged with wrongful dismissal and harassment.

Haruna says that she was called a n***** by a colleague, which senior officers did not act upon appropriately when she reported it to them and reports a separate occasion where a suspect used the racist term “midnight” to her face, which allegedly produced laughter among her colleagues.

“I was harassed and ­victimised by racist police officers and those that support and cover up for racists in senior management,” said Haruna.

Commenting on the isolation she felt as a woman and specifically a black woman within in a disproportionately white, male work environment, Haruna has said, “I was the only black police officer and only female police officer based in that office at the time and I felt singled out and picked on.”

The lack of diversity within the Met Police is well known, highlighted recently by the case of black, female Met firearms officer Carol Howard who last week won a tribunal case against the Met, who she charged with making her ‘absolutely humiliated’ through a series of sexist and racist incidents.